Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Color Run

So there is this awesome new race/run series sweeping the US called the Color Run. The fun thing is this race isn't about racing, it's all about having fun! The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. The fun continues at the finish line with a gigantic “Color Festival,” using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories, not to mention millions of vivid color combinations. And they only have two rules, 1. Wear white at the starting line and 2. Finish the race plastered in color. 

How much more fun can you ask for? So, now you're ready to race, and of course want to know if there is one close to you.... check out here to find out. Want some more info on this great race, their about page has tons!!! 

Check out this cool video on the run!!!

I have some great news for you, too..... I can save you $5 off the entry fee. If you are not in the Orlando area, put COLOR5OFF in the promo code. That code will work for any city that is not sold out. If you are local to Orlando, put COLORORLANDO into the promo code. Another option to save $5 is to register as a team of 4 or more, and you can use the other promo code on top of it, so you will save $10 off your entry fee..... Isn't that awesome?!?  How does a “Color Team” work compared with a solo runner? Pretty simple, you register as a (4 minimum/infinity max) unit rather than as an individual.  You get to pick a groovy custom team name, anything from The Roy G Biv All-stars to We Sweat Rainbows.  You then get to run/walk together and “help” each other get really colored up over the 5 color kilometers.  There is no “relay” component and team members can finish together as a unit or separately.

Okay, so now I know you all are going to head out and register, and for those that are running in Orlando, I look forward to seeing you there!!! 

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