Monday, January 27, 2014

Mamavation Monday - how do you fit exercise in?

Sorry about this missed post last week, but I have been battling a cold for over 2 weeks now, and I all I managed to get in for exercise is the #2weekchallenge. Thank goodness for @mrbookieboo's accountability or I may not even have gotten that in.  I'm hoping for a better week this week, but I still have a nagging cough. My plan is to add Turbo Fire workouts in and run 3 times this week.

This week we're talking about how we fit workouts in, and as a busy mom of two that is very difficult. I am not a morning person, so I have a hard time getting up to do them before work, which would be the ideal time to get it done because then I would be sure that nothing would get in the way. Most of the time, I workout at lunch time. It's easy to get a 1/2 workout in, and a quick shower if I need it and then head on back to work. Luckily I can eat at my desk, so this schedule is usually ideal for me. My puppy likes to run with me, so I usually save my runs for the evening and take him along. Another plus for me is when my youngest plays soccer. They have a really nice paved path around the park, so I can usually get between 4 and 5 miles done while he practices. This will be starting up again next week, so I have no excuse ;)

How about you? How do you fit your exercise in?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Storm MP3 Review

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review a great MP3 player by the folks over at ToiletTree Products.  The really cool thing about this is that it's water resistant so you can use it in the shower, by thte pool or anywhere that it could possibly get splashed. Which was great for me, because I love to listen and sing to music and the only place my family "allows" me to sing is in the shower, so now instead of a little radio with barely any channels, I get to have a MP3 player with up to 500 songs on it. It's also easily mountable, but you can detach it so you can take it from the shower to the pool, and back to the shower. Never miss a song!! :)

Another plus was how easy it was to transfer the music that was already on my computer on to the Storm. It took no time at all, which is great for someone who is technically challenged like me. Here's a few features that are listed on their site, but that you definitely need to know -

  •             Water resistant, rubberized exterior
  •             2 built-in speakers
  •             2 GB of internal memory (holds approximately 500 songs of average length and quality)
  •             Simple “click and drag” application to add music
  •             Shuffle design allows for random song play
  •             Comes with a USB cord to download music
  •             Includes 4 AA batteries, for approximately 73 hours of play time (this would allow for a year’s worth of 12 minute showers without having to change the batteries!)
  •             Comes with a wall bracket for mounted and/or portable use
  •             Available in Black or White
  •             FCC approved
All, and all I would give this MP3 player an A+. It's easy to use, very durable, and has a great sound. So now that you're ready to purchase this so you can sing in the shower like me, head on over here

This review was made possible by Toilettreeproducts. The thoughts and views are my own. I was given a Storm MP3 player for my time and effort on this campaign.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mamavation Monday

Well the weather and the fact that my treadmill was buried kept me from my runs this week, but I didn't let that stop me from getting my workouts in.

Monday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20
Tuesday - Turbo Fire Core 20
Wednesday - bowling
Thursday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 25
Friday - strength training
Saturday - strength training
Sunday - rest

That leads me to this week's topic. My best tips for success. Number one is to be adaptable. Things are going to come up and you may not be able to do your planned workout for the day. Don't let that derail you, change the workout, find a DVD if it's raining, or just do jumping jacks or something in your office if you can't get home. Remember you are important enough to make the effort!!! :)

Don't forget today's the day we find out who the 3 mamavation moms are. Come join us at our twitter party and congratulate them :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday

My inspiration today is this lady.... watch this video and tell me you don't think she's amazing!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mamavation Monday - favorite exercise

What is my favorite exercise? Well this may come as a shock to you all, but I <3 to run. ;) Like you all didn't know that. It keeps me partially sane, so I won't kill anyone, and it helps me clear my head. Nothing better than taking that first step feeling the wind on my face. I really slacked last year, and man I can feel it. My head isn't as clear as it should be. I'm definitely fixing that problem this year and I have set a goal of 500 miles this year. So far so good this past week with starting to work on my goals. Here's my recap -

Monday - strength training, mamavation hazing (50 burpees, 50 mountain climbers and 50 squats)
Tuesday - 3.44 mile run, mamavation hazing (100 jumping jacks, 25 burpees, 2 - 60 sec planks)
Wednesday - 30 min yoga, no hazing today
Thursday - 3 mile run, mamavation hazing (3 sets of 10 pushups, leg lifts and weighted squats)
Friday - strength training, mamavation hazing (100 burpees)
Saturday - 4 mile run, mamavation hazing (200 lunges)
Sunday - rest, no hazing

Tonight is an exciting night for me. They are announcing the finalists for the mamavation bootcamp campaign. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you are interested in watching the show, check it out here.