Monday, October 24, 2011

Race Report - Sunnyside Survivor 5k

So after last weekend's race, wanting to PR, but not being able to since I was struggling between runner and mom, I was anxious about running the next one. I really wanted to PR, it had been over 2 years since I PR'd and after all my training, I was getting a little discouraged. But after hearing a few people talk about the hills in this race, I was starting to lose hope that I would be able to. Hills and me are not friends. So, I resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't PR at this race, but that said, I wasn't going to allow the hills to beat me.

Ryan and I got up that morning, and drove to the race, getting there early because we didn't know how many people would be registering and not really knowing what to expect since this was the first time we ever ran it.Let me also say, it was cold! Not up north cold, but cold for an October Florida morning. We checked in and got our t'shirts - very cool, warmed up, and went to the start line. Since they changed the layout from the race last year, a lot of people were asking if anyone knew what the route would be - so I guess we were all in the same boat.

Finally, they sounded the horns, and we were off. What an awesome, challenging course. We went through beautiful neighborhoods, and there were a lot of hills. The route was well marked, and there were people routing us on throughout the race. I ran most of it, but I have to admit, I had to walk a lot of the hills - not easy at all. But I pushed on, as I said, I wasn't letting these hills beat me. My son decided to start at the front of the pack, so I never saw him throughout the race. Finally, I saw the street sign of the street we started on and knew we had to be getting close, and what confirmed it was when I saw one of the 5k runners running back towards us. With that confirmation, I decided I would step it up a bit, and then when I made the turn and saw the finish line, I really started to book it. As I got closer to the finish clock, it said 31:51, 30 seconds from my PR. I almost cried from joy, I was going to do it, I was going to PR this race. I finished in 32:06. I was so happy!! My son didn't PR, he finished 28:52, but he was okay with that because he made a running friend and ran the whole way with him, each encouraging the other.

Now the wait to see where I finished in my age group. Honestly, I didn't care if I placed or not, I was just happy that I PR'd. Finally, the first set of results were put up. Imagine my surprise, I came in 2nd, and 1st place was only 15 seconds faster than me. Woot Woot!!! Ryan came in 2nd also, and his running friend came in 3rd. Great race for all. Only after they handed out trophies, did I find out there was only 2 runners in my age group, and 3 in my son's. Ha Ha - I came in 2nd and last. Didn't matter, it was an awesome race anyways.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


After a wonderful weekend, I was glad that it carried into today with Hunter's counselor appointment. We haven't been making very much progress over the month and 1/2 that we have been going. Usually our appointments consisted of Hunter telling me on the way to the appointment that he wasn't going to talk and then  the counselor and me talking with Hunter either hiding behind me or a pillow, not saying a word. To say I was very discouraged, would be an understatement. I was almost at the point where I thought that it was a waste of my time and money, and that Hunter would never open up to the counselor.

Well today, when we drove to the appointment, and Hunter never mentioned that he wasn't going to talk. Should I get my hopes up? Usually when we wait, Hunter complains he's bored, today he played contently on his phone.   Then it was our turn to go in, and Hunter actually shook the counselor's hand. That in itself was amazing. But as soon as we went in, behind the pillow he went. My hopes began to falter. The counselor said that he thought it might be time for me to go to the waiting room, and leave Hunter and him to talk by themselves. As hard as it was for "mama bear" to leave her cub in this awkward situation, I knew that it was best for him, and he wouldn't progress if I kept answering for him.

As I sat in the waiting room, I kept looking at the clock, knowing that they would come out early, with little success in the session. I was so anxious, trying to read the book that my running mama friend lent me. 4:30 came - still in there, 4:45 - I was beginning to again be hopeful, 5:00 - they were supposed to be done, was it really going that well? I could only hope. About 5:10 they came out to the waiting room, and I was pleasantly surprised when the counselor said Hunter did great. I am so proud of my baby - he had such an awesome day, today! So after soccer practice, I decided I would reward him - he has been asking for a mcdouble for weeks (yes, I know they aren't good for you, but we rarely ever eat there anymore), so I stopped and got him a mcdouble and a small fry. And the night still went great after that, he did his homework without complaint, and asked to play on the computer, which I allowed since he was behaving so well, but he never made it that far, as he is sound asleep.

I love days like this, everything we did was not an issue, and he went to bed without me even asking. Realistically I know not every day will be like this, but I can wish, can't I?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Faith Lutheran 5K race report

So the Faith Lutheran 5K was my very first race I ran back in October of 2009, and I loved it. I came in 3rd for my age group finishing in 32:58.Talk about a thrill, who would've thought I would win a medal on my very first race. So exciting! I can still remember the details about the race, and how much fun it was. It almost seemed effortless and my sister in law and BFF and I ran together, talking our whole way through the race. Well, this will be the third time I have run this race, and it is still my favorite 5K. Last year, I didn't do so well with it, but this year I finished in 33:31, only 32 seconds slower than my first. I think I could've PR'd.

Let me back up a step, this is the first race that both my sons and I have run a race together. I have ran with each of them by themselves, but never all three of us together. I was so excited this morning to do this. We met my sister in law at the race, and all went in and got our shirts and our chips. We all lined up and my sons decided to line up in the front, while Kerri and I lined up in the middle. The boys took off at the start, and Kerri and I started at an easy pace. I was slower than Kerri, so I told her to go on. I am not one to hold anyone back - it's a race, and you should go at the pace you feel comfortable with.

Since both boys beat me in their last races, I never expected to see either of them, but not too far into it I ran into my youngest. Unfortunately, his race wasn't what he wanted, he said his legs were tired from soccer the night before. I think he was upset because his brother was beating him, and it looked like even if he tried his hardest he wasn't getting a medal. My heart was torn, do I stay with him, or do I keep going - I really wanted to PR at this race. I stayed with him for a while, trying to encourage him to run, even tried doing intervals with him, but he would only run about 30 seconds before he stopped and walked. Even though I felt horrible, I went on without him. (I still feel horrible about it even though he told me after the race he wanted me to keep on going).

Even with that little snag, I felt so strong running, better than I have since that the first time I ran it. I truly think I could've PR'd at this race, don't get me wrong, I don't regret walking with my son, I felt it was the right thing to do at that time .My oldest son and I decided we are going to run another 5K next weekend, and my youngest decided he didn't want to do another one so soon. So, hopefully, I will be able to PR next weekend - but if I don't I'm okay with it. I realize that I just love the feeling of the race, even if I come in dead last :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I thought yesterday was bad.

I woke up to very sad news today. A good friend of mine lost his wife to cancer after a very long, hard battle. While in the end, this was the best for her and him, because she had gone downhill over the past month and a half and hospice was in everyday, it still doesn't make it any easier. I ran into him in the grocery store last weekend, and it broke my heart. He was telling me how when hospice came, she tried to be strong and prove that she could still do stuff for herself even though she really couldn't and was relying on him completely. He was telling me how he couldn't do everything for her anymore, it was just too hard, and he was glad hospice was there to help him. He was lucky enough to have enough sick time to spend the last month and a half at home with her, cherishing every last moment he could. They also got to do something on their bucket list while she was still feeling well enough, and spent almost 2 weeks in New York City and Boston. She fought her cancer for almost two years, trying everything possible to survive it.

Their story together was heartening. They both had bad marriages before they met each other, hers resulting in a son. They were sole mates and he took care of her son as if he was his own. They were still so young, supposed to have so many more years together. She was vibrant, loved her job - worked almost up until the day hospice came in. Why does bad stuff have to happen to such good people. You have rapists, murderers, thieves out there, and they live their lives scott free, and then you have good people, who love each other, live to spend every moment together, and they are ripped apart way too soon. It's just not fair. My heart is breaking for my friend. I want to scream why!! But I know there is no answer. I have faith in God, but things like this tend to make me question why God allows this to happen. I just could keep saying over and over, it's just not fair!!!

You all need to grab your loved ones, hug them and tell them how much you love them, because you just don't know when something is going to happen, and they will be taken away from you forever. Do not waste a minute of your life on petty bullshit - don't fight over stupid things. Love your family with all your heart, and live every moment with them to the fullest, because it could be gone in an instant!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

things are still rough

So even though I resigned myself to that fact that by myself I couldn't help my son get over his tantrums, I am still so conflicted about him being on meds. Things were great when we first put him on them, but slowly they got a little worse. Now, I will admit that things are better than they used to be, but we are still having tantrums. And even though, they aren't as long as they used to be, they are still as intense, and I don't know what to do. If I go in with him, and help him calm down, its easier all around - but I wonder is that really teaching him. But if I don't go in and help him, he doesn't calm down, and eventually he'll cry himself to sleep, but I don't think he has learned anything. My husband feels I'm too easy on him, but I think he's a different type of child, that has different needs. I honestly think that when he has a tantrum he gets to a point where he cannot calm himself down. I don't think it has anything to do with not knowing how to calm himself down, I think he gets himself so worked up, that physically he cannot calm himself down. But I don't know what the fix for that is. Maybe a different drug, I don't know, but it is surely killing me inside. I, absolutely hate to see him like this, and I hate what it does to my family. I love my son, and will protect him to the end, but I wish I knew how to help him. It kills me to see him this way, and not know what to do to help him.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Loving my hubby!!!

My small collection of bling is starting to grow, and I have a few races planned that will be giving out finishers medals. So, I have been thinking about what to do with them. I had put them on the corner of the mirror on my dresser, and with only 3 medals it wasn't so bad, but it really didn't display them like I wanted. I had been looking around Target, but really didn't find anything I liked. When I mentioned to hubby I was looking for one, he made a hanger to put on the mirror, and actually I was okay with that for the time being.

So I came home from the store today, and my youngest son says mommy what's this runner girl? I said are you talking about my shirt, I have a run girl tech shirt. I walked into the hallway, and looked up and there were my medals hanging on this awesome Runner Girl display. I was so shocked - hubby had ordered one for me and installed it, and I had no clue. I love my hubby!!!

My hubby told me that the place he bought it from was awesome to deal with and we received it within a week. So I'm giving a shout out to Allied Medal Displays. They have some really awesome designs, and the prices aren't too bad. When I was looking at their website, they had tons of designs, plus you could do a custom one, and the quality is awesome.  I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a medal display. 

I can't wait to add some more medals to it!!!