Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dosha Mat Review

Recently I was approached by the creators of the Dosha Mat to see if I would be interested in trying their accupressure mat. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always interested in trying new things, so I jumped at the opportunity. I will have to say I was a bit nervous about how it would feel, would it hurt? When I received my mat, I made my hubby try it first. If it hurt him, then I would know I shouldn't try it LOL. Hubby thought it felt great, so I decided I would give it a shot, and I am so glad I did. 

As a runner who prefers long distances, I have many areas that are constantly sore. Since the mat is versatile,  I have been able to lay flat on the mat, sit on the mat, put my feet on the mat, etc and every time it provides a perfect amount of pressure on my sore areas.  After I am done using it I feel a huge sense of relief in my sore muscles. I have used it after my 30K trail run, and my 28 mile 12 hr run and it definitely helped me recover faster. That is the main reason I have used the mat, but on their website it lists many other issues that it is beneficial for:
1. Reduction of pain and soreness
2. Deep calm and relaxation
3. Reduction of stress and anxiety
4. Improved sleep
5. Weight-loss
6. Increased circulation
7. Rejuvenation of the skin
8. Improved digestion
9. Increased energy levels
10. Reduction of cellulite
11. Alleviates arthritis
12. Alleviates fibromyalgia
13. Aids myofascial pain syndrome
14. Alleviates sciatica pain
15. Faster recovery after workouts
16. Lower cortisol levels

I definitely plan on adding using my mat on a more daily basis so that I can take advantage of the other benefits it provides. 

I got to spend some time on the phone talking with Jessica, one of the owners of this small business and enjoyed the passion she had for her accupressure mat. The mats are 100% eco-friendly, handmade using the highest-quality, hypoallergenic natural linen. Each mat also contains a removable cushion made of 100% natural coconut fibre. The mats are very pretty, and contain more than 4,500 high-quality acupressure points in the beautiful shape of lotus flowers. Another great benefit of this brand is that they donate 15% of their profit to several non-profit organizations that work to provide exercise programs like yoga to youth in need.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Well here's where you can get your own, and Jessica has been kind enough to let me offer a discount if you purchase a mat within the next 2 weeks. Head on over to and put in this code PAMDEMONIUM15 before August 28th. Let me know when you get yours, I'd love to hear how much you love it!! 

I received a Dosha Mat in return for my honest review. 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer 2019 Blogging Challenge Week 2 - What is my attraction to trail running?

When I first started running many years ago, I stuck to the treadmill, running only on my lunch hour. It was basically a way to lose weight and become more fit, I hadn't yet found the correlation to my mental fitness. As the years went on I started running outside, on the streets, on a path during my son's soccer practice, whenever I had time, knowing that my sanity almost depended on it.... and then I started running on trails in the woodsy atmosphere of nature.

I first started running on trails just as something to change the monotony of road running, but it didn't take long to realize that running on trails is nothing like running on roads. First off, there is a physical difference. It's softer on the knees, but a little rougher on the ankles and you definitely need to be more aware of the path you are running so you don't trip or roll your ankles. On top of the physical difference, I noticed a definite sense of calmness when I was done running that I didn't always get during my road runs.

I'm not sure what causes my mentality to benefit so much more from a trail run over a road runs as they both provide me with the "runner's high" that keeps me sane. Maybe it's the peacefulness and beauty of nature that helps calm my mind and allow all my troubles to almost wash away for those few quiet hours that I spend on that trail.

 Unfortunately time does not allow me to do all my runs on trails but I try to take advantage of the beautiful trails central Florida has to offer as much as possible, including adding many trail races to my race calendar. I definitely recommend spending some time on the trails, whether it be running or hiking.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Summer 2019 Blogging Challenge Week 1 - Let's Talk About My Furbabies

I've been really slacking with my blogging, and I wanted to find a way to get re-motivated to blog more. An awesome friend of mine decided to start a summer blogging challenge and I decided that was the perfect opportunity to get me back on the wagon. One of the first choices of topics that were provided to us was talking about our furry friends and anyone who knows me knows how much my furbabies mean to me, so of course I chose to talk about them. My life would be empty without having a furbaby to share it with.

I currently have 4 furbabies, 2 dogs and 2 cats and everyone of them is a rescue animal. Adopting a pet is so much better than buying one at a pet store or through a breeder. You get the most appreciative, sweetest animals that will devote their loyalty to you for the rest of their lives.

Out of our current furbabies, Bandit was our first. We found him as a baby on craigslist and were afraid he would be chosen for dog fighting based on the possibility of the breeds he was mixed with.  We got him at 8 weeks old, and he was the best puppy and continues to be the best dog I have ever owned. He is sweet, well-behaved and so tolerant of other animals. He has loved every animal he has ever been in contact with and tries to be their best friend immediately. Bandit wants to be loved constantly. He is always happy to see us, and always has a smile on his face.... yes, he actually smiles, but beware of his tail, it is like a whip when it hits you. Bandit's favorite place to go is our local brewery. We will take him around the park for a walk, but he doesn't completely relax until he hits the brewery's front door. It's his Cheers.  At 6, he's starting to calm down and mature a bit, but he still goes crazy when he meets new people. If you ever have the opportunity to encounter this awesome lovebug, you will fall in love with him immediately.
 The cute little pup in this picture is Bandit's true best friend, Tucker, who was killed by another dog last October :*(

The way Evee found us is a pretty interesting story.  One of my officers was inventorying some property from an arrest the night before and a tiny kitten came scurrying out in our evidence barn. He was tiny and full of fleas and at that point, we thought he was a she. We bathed her/him with Dawn soap and I was going to temporarily foster her/him until another foster was available. That thought lasted all of one night and we fell in love with this 3 week old wild child. She was donned the name Princess Dawn Evee Mcgee.... dawn for the dish detergent, evee for evidence barn and mcgee for the officer that found her/him. By the time he was going to get spayed/neutered it was realized that Evee was a boy not a girl. At 2, Evee is still quite the wild child, but he is also a huge cuddler. He loves to crawl up on your chest when you're lying down and get some petting from you; but don't pet him for too long because within a few minutes he will grab your hand and start attacking you.

Vader and Jasper are our newer rescues. We've had Vader for about 6 months, and Jasper less than a week. Vader is a sweet older cat, 6 years old, with a pretty sad story. His owner died and he was surrendered to a kill shelter. Luckily, our local humane society pulled him from the shelter and we adopted him. Within a week, he had been living in four different places. He took quite a few weeks to become comfortable in our household, but once he did he quickly established the dominant role. He can be quite crotchety with the other animals and smacks them if they get in his way (luckily he has no front claws, so he doesn't hurt them LOL). Most of his time he spends meowing to either be pet or to get a treat. He's a very vocal cat :)

And of course, our newest rescue is 2 year old Jasper. As we've only just got Jasper, we are just learning his quirky personality. He's a very playful pup, and is a bundle of energy. He loves Bandit, and really couldn't care less about the cats. He's very quickly falling into our typical routine and is a very likable boy. He can't stand to be alone and will follow us everywhere around the house. He's just as much of a lovebug as Bandit is and loves to meet and kiss everyone.

This probably my longest blog post ever, LOL, but I absolutely love my furbabies. They are like kids to me, especially as my human kids are almost all grown. I couldn't imagine my life without these cute babies to share my love. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Easy Way to Whiten Your Teeth - Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

A few weeks back I was contacted by Smile Brilliant asking if I was interested in trying their teeth whitening system. As I am an avid coffee drinker, I was more than interested.

The first step in the process was to make a mold of my upper and lower teeth. Smile Brilliant wants to ensure that your teeth whitening trays are form fitted to your mouth so that you get the best results. The included instructions were so detailed, it was extremely easy to do this. I returned my molds to Smile Brilliant, and within a week had my whitening trays.

The next step was to take my beginning photos... don't mind the wrinkles LOL




As with the instructions for the molds, the instructions on how to use the whitening products were very detailed and extremely easy.  After brushing your teeth, you use the whitening product, and can leave on for anywhere from 45 mins - 3 hrs, depending on your time available. Once that is complete, you again brush your teeth but without toothpaste, and then use the desensitizing gel, which you leave on for about 20 mins. Once that is complete, you spit it out and rinse with only water, and then you cannot eat anything for over 30 mins. Because of this I suggest doing this right before you go to bed. 

 I took pictures to track my progress..... I definitely noticed the difference

Day 1

Day 3
Day 2
And after a whole week...........

One Week of Use

I was extremely pleased with the ease of use and the results, and the kit included enough to repeat the treatment whenever I feel necessary. Another great plus for this whitening system is that it is very inexpensive compared to going and having your teeth done by a professional. The kit ranges from $139 - $169 depending on how severe your stains are, and once you have your trays, you can order more whitening and desensitizing gels whenever you need If you are interested in whitening your teeth and getting results, I definitely recommend using Smile Brilliant.

So here is some great news for you..... I am doing a giveaway for a chance to win one of these kits!! Enter here. And if you don't want to wait, here's a 15% off code -  pamdemonium15

Tooth Whitening Gel

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Recap and 2019 Goals

Now that 2018 is over, and I'm moving onto 2019 I wanted to again take time to reflect on my goals from last year -
  • Run at least 500 miles
  • Strive for eating healthy 70% of the time
  • Strength train 3x per week and run 3-4 times per week
  • Run my Mt Dora 1/2 Marathon between 2:30 - 2:40
  • PR on another half marathon
  • Lose 10-15 lbs
Well I crushed the first goal, I ended my year with 736 miles, and for most of the year I did strength train 3x and run 3-4x a week, but the rest not so much. I did eat healthier, but I won't say it was 70% of the time and I definitely did not lose any weight :( As for PR'ing and running Mt Dora quicker, my goals changed throughout the year and I started doing heart rate training with the Maffetone Method, so going into the Mt Dora 1/2 I didn't have the expectation of reaching that goal. Over the past year, I fell in love with trail running and doing trail races. The running community is already wonderful but trail runners are a different breed and they are amazing!! I ran a 6 hr trail run, and dnf'd on a 30k but I'm back at it getting ready for my next 30k. Heart rate training is going great and I plan on continuing it. 

So here are my 2019 goals - 

  • Complete a 30k
  • Crush Jack's 30k (my race I dnf'd at last year)
  • Become an ultramarathoner (over marathon distance)
  • Continue to strength train 3x a week and run 4-5 times per week
  • Eat healthy 70% of the time
  • Run 750 miles

So what were your accomplishments last year? Your goals for 2019?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Guest post - 5 Ways Busy Moms Can Train for Marathons

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Train For Marathons
by Sarah Jacobs

We all know that being a mother entails a lot of responsibilities. It is not just about ‘taking care of the kids,’ but it also includes house chores, doing the groceries, running errands, cooking, and taking/getting the kids to/from school. Most moms also have to work to earn a living. And as if that’s not enough, some moms even join social gatherings and activities like parties, PTA meetings, a fun run or marathon.

The question now is, how do they even do it? Well, moms really have time management skills - and they are very productive than most people in a given day. But when it comes to fun runs and marathons, how can a mom possibly train for it while running daily errands, chores, and other responsibilities? Below are a few training tips for every busy mom:

1.    Come up with a marathon training plan.

The first step in marathon training is to come up with a plan or schedule. This is very important especially for busy moms who have to attend to other responsibilities and errands during the day. First of all, you don’t have to beat yourself up. Who has the luxury to run or train five or six times a week, anyway? You can just do it 3 times a week or every other day.

To not add up to the pressure, you don’t have to set up the actual days for training. You can simply chalk in your Day 1 on a Sunday (or Monday, or whichever day is convenient for you), and start from there. For moms who feel more comfortable to label those days, you may also do so.
Your training plan should allot at least 30 minutes per session. If possible, you have to gradually increase those minutes until your sessions can last up to an hour or so. It is also important to put in time for warm-ups and cool downs. You have to start lightly with a brisk walk, then accelerate into jogs and runs. If you can, you may also consult a professional personal trainer to help you with this.

2.            Schedule trainings during your kid’s sleep/school time.

A crucial consideration when you make a marathon plan is the free time you get each day. You have to factor in the times that your kids are usually asleep, or the time when they are out at school. If there isn’t really much time, you can opt to delegate some of your daily responsibilities to your partner or a baby/house sitter. If you have older kids, you can assign them chores on a certain time of day so you can clear up those times for your marathon training.

3.            Do cross trainings.

Cross trainings are stretching and strengthening exercises that can help build up endurance for your upcoming marathon. Unlike jogs and practice runs, cross training can be done at home, so it is a great alternative workout on days when you can’t go to the park or if the weather is not exactly cooperating with your plans. You can come up with your own mix of cross trainings, watch guide videos, or do a 30-minute elliptical workout.

4.            Help yourself with an app.

Apps can help track your progress and remind you of the days that you need to go on a workout. They also serve as excellent guides and timers. Apps like Couch to 5K and fitness trackers can help you develop a gradually increasing jog/run time and routine. It can even help you track the distance and minutes that you spent for the session.

5.            Don’t forget to take a good rest.

Rest is also an essential part of your training. Burning yourself out or feeling constantly fatigued will not do you good. First of all, it can lower your immune system, and will even cause more body pains and health problems. Second, it will be hard for you to reach your maximum potential when your body feels overworked. Remember that your training sessions have to be gradually increasing (in terms of time and covered distance), and it will be hard to achieve these if you feel strained.

As a busy mom, it is easy to get distracted from a planned marathon training schedule. The rule you should always remember is, don’t be too hard on yourself! Allow your schedule to be flexible as possible. Remember, slow progress is still progress!

Author Bio:

Sarah Jacobs is an experienced writer who loves creating articles that can benefit others. She has worked as a freelance writer in the past making informative articles and fascinating stories. She has extensive knowledge in a variety of fields such as technology, business, finance, marketing, personal development, and more.
Check out her company here:

Thursday, September 27, 2018

JORD watch review and giveaway

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted last week by the awesome people at JORD watches asking if I would be interested in collaborating with them on a watch review and giveaway. I know I do reviews and giveaways but my genre is typically running and fitness related. I thought, what the hey, I'll look and see what they are all about and oh my, they have some of the nicest watches. 

My JORD watch arrived very quickly and in a gorgeous wood box. Inside the box contained the watch around a small pillow, extra links and 2 cleaning towels, along with a tube of cleaning oil to ensure that the wood band stays in good condition. The box also has a small drawer at the bottom of it to keep anything extra. 

When I opened that box and saw how gorgeous my JORD watch was, I was so ecstatic. I mean, they look beautiful on their website but pictures just don't do the watches justice. They are so much nicer in person. The face of the watch is a little larger than I am used to but it still looks amazing on my wrist. 


I love everything about this watch, it has a gorgeous color for the face and the band and it is very well crafted. The even offer watch bands for your apple Iwatch on their site.  My favorite attribute of this watch is the clasp. While it is very secure, it is super easy to put on and take off yourself. You just press the sides of the clasp to release it, and when you put it on you just snap each side back on. 

Now that I've told you how awesome is is, I'm sure you want to run out and buy it :D I have good news, I am doing a giveawayWinner gets $100 off plus FREE SIZING and FREE SHIPPING! If you don't want to wait, I'm also offering a $25 coupon code that will be good during the entire length of the giveaway, the code is pamdemonium.  If you are looking for a nice watch, you definitely need to check out the different styles JORD offers.

**I was provided this watch for free in exchange for an honest review of their product. **