Friday, June 26, 2020

Cacao Tea Co. Review

You all know that I love to try new things, so when I was contacted to try this new tea I jumped at the chance. Then she told me it was a chocolate tea, and of course it became a no-brainer.  Cacao tea is an all natural tea that is brewed from cacao husks/shells. It contains no sugar and is gluten and dairy free, so it's great for almost everyone.  The cacao husks are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, and are rich in the compound theobromine, which is a mild, naturally occurring stimulant similar to caffeine with a gentle, slow-release effect. Check out here for more information on the amazing benefits. 

Cacao has a really neat history It's been brewed for thousands of years beginning with the Mayan and Aztec, and was a favorite for Martha Washington. How cool is that? 

Because cacao tea is a loose tea, it's best brewed either in a french press or with a tea ball strainer or infuser. And to get the full flavor it's recommended that you brew it with boiling hot water for at least 6-8 minutes. For more detailed instructions on how to obtain the best results from cacao tea go here. While you can definitely drink cacao tea black, if you feel that it needs just a little more they recommend coconut sugar and almond milk to complement it the best. 

I know all that info is great, but what you really want to know is how it tastes. On word is all that takes, amazing. I drank it straight with no milk or sweetener. It didn't need it. It had a nice, rich chocolate taste to it. I don't have a french press, so I used a tea ball strainer, put in 2 teaspoons and brewed it for about 7 minutes. I don't like my tea too strong, but I definitely don't want it weak. For me that was the perfect amount of tea and time.  

Ok, I've got you sold on how amazing this tea is. Let me tell you, it's also pretty inexpensive. You get a 4 oz bag for $17.50, and that bag will last you for quite a while. They also offer discounts for the more bags you buy. Ready to order..... go here

I received a bag of cacao tea in return for my honest review. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Recap Monday 3/16/20 (on Tuesday....again)

I may have to start making this recap Tuesday if I can't get my act together :D I had a pretty decent week, it was a recovery week so it was a light week for me. Here was my schedule -

Monday - 30 min walk
Tuesday - 45 min @ 134HR
Wednesday - 45 min @ 134HR
Thursday - rest
Friday - 30 min stair stepper
Saturday - 120 min @134HR
Sunday -  30 min walk

And how consistent did I stay?

Monday - 30 min walk
Tuesday - 45 min @ 134 HR
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 45 min @134HR
Friday - 30 min stair stepper
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 120 min @ 134 HR

I got all my workouts in, some just on a different day. Pretty proud of myself for staying consistent last week... So here's this week's schedule. Time to start ramping things back up again.

Monday - strength training
Tuesday - 60 min @ 134 HR
Wednesday - 60 min @ 134 HR
Thursday - 60 min @ 134 HR
Friday - strength training
Sat - 30 min @ 134 HR, 90 min @ 144 HR, 30 min @ 134 HR
Sun - 30 min walk

With all the closures for the COVID 19 virus, I'm not sure how long my gym will be open so I may be resorting to strength training at home. Hope you have a great training week, and stay healthy my peeps.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Monday recap - 03/09/20 (on Tuesday)

Happy Tuesday! Monday was super busy for me so I never got time to sit down and write my weekly recap. But, hey, that's life, right? I had a pretty crappy training week, but ended  with a pretty darn good race time (for me) on Sat. Here was my schedule -

Mon - 30 min walk
Tues - 60 min @ 134hr
Wed - 60 min @ 134 hr
Thurs - rest
Fri - 2 mile shakeout
Sat - Gate River 15k
Sun - 30 min walk

What actually happened -

Mon - 30 min walk
Tues - no run
Wed - 5k, 50 min run
Thurs - rest
Fri - no run, 30 min walk
Sat - Gate river 15k.... awesome race for me 2:19:04
Sun - 30 min walk

I don't know if you've ever done Gate River Run in Jax, but it's a pretty decent race. Well organized, great expo and awesome after party. My run club lucks out and gets to hand out chocolate milk from the Florida Dairy Farmers after the run... it's always a good time. The community comes out in full force to support the runners, offering oranges, water, and alcohol throughout the course. There is also live bands probably every mile - mile and a half. It's just a well planned race, and a lot of fun. And of course, there's the Green Monster bridge at the end to provide you with a nice challenge :)

Florida Dairy Farmer crew

awesome swag
from the blue bridge looking at the green monster

heading up the green monster

on the green monster

heading up the green monster
looking at the stadium coming down the green monster


Huge Medal!!!!

Here's my schedule for this week... it's a recovery week so it's pretty light :)

Mon - 30 min walk
Tues - 45 min @134 HR
Wed - 45 min @ 134HR
Thurs - rest
Fri - strength
Sat - 120 min @ 134 HR

I'm feeling really good coming off the high of an awesome race time, so I'm excited to keep progressing in my training for my upcoming races!!! I hope everyone has an awesome training week!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Soxy Feet Ambassador

 One of my favorite places to find fun running socks is My Soxy Feet. Their socks are comfortable and very cute. So when I saw the ambassador application come up, I knew I had to apply. I had the pleasure of talking with the owner, Melissa for a few months after I purchased a pair of socks to wear during my Wolf Branch Run Club runs. I found the perfect pair with beer mugs on them... how can you not wear them on runs from a brewery?

Melissa started My Soxy Feet after her mom passed away from cancer, and donates part of the proceeds to National Breast Cancer Foundation. Check out her story here .... #Whywerun 
So it's an amazing company with an amazing owner. Makes me proud to be an ambassador for My Soxy Feet. Great socks supporting a great organization. 

And of course with an ambassadorship, always comes some perks. I get to show my support with an awesome team my soxy feet tank, and more amazing socks.

What's even better is that I get to share some of my perks with you guys. I have a 10% off discount code that you can use when your purchase some of these amazing socks and apparel. Use the code SOXYPAM when you make a purchase at My Soxy Feet