Monday, May 20, 2013

Frush office party review

My office had the great pleasure of being honored with a Frush spoonless yogurt party last week. We were given four different flavors to try - strawberry, strawberry banana, blueberry and peach. The peach flew off the refrigerator shelf. I have to say that everyone who tried it, loved it. The only negative comment that I got (on the blueberry) was that it was a tiny bit chalky, but it still tasted really good. Everybody else was in love with them, and the yogurt was pretty much gone by the end of the day. I think we have had a couple bottles left over and they didn't last through the next morning. A major plus was not needing to have a spoon available.... much more convenient!!!

Here are the girls in the office after they had their first sip.... as you can tell by the smiles, they loved it!!!!

Here I am just before, and then a pic of my bottle when it was done :( 

I tried the peach flavor, because I peach is my absolute favorite. The yogurt was creamy, rich in flavor and very tasty. My only complaint was it wasn't quite big enough for me, I wanted more :) Everyone else who tried the other flavors had similar comments about the creamyness and rich flavor, and were all ready to go out and buy more. Luckily, I was provided with some coupons to hand out to everyone. 

Along with the yummy yogurt and coupons, I was given a sticky note pad and car charger to give out to everyone who sampled Frush. 

I have say even though I could only get pics of me and the office staff, everyone was very excited to try the yogurt!!! I highly recommend going out and getting some to try if you are a yogurt lover. It tastes awesome and it's very convenient!!  A+ all around!!!!

I was provided Frush yogurt, notepads and Frush car chargers in compensation for this post. The thoughts expressed are my own and my coworkers. 

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