Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FrogFuel Performance Blog App and Giveaway

We all know that when we push our body to the limits, we need a way to recover. Protein has been found to be one of the best ways to do it. The people over at Frog Performance have developed a protein shot to help you recover your muscles.

Why use FrogFuel?

1. It's hydrolyzed. Faster absorption means better performance and quicker recovery!
2. It's a Pure Collagen Protein - Improved skin, muscle mass and tone, increased joint flexibility, healthier bones, arteries, hair, nails and eyes.
3. Contains Taurine - Help rebuild muscles faster!
4. Used in the health care industry and qualified as a medical food!
5. You can toss it in your "go-bag".

Unlike many other companies, the founders and owners of Frog Performance and their peers not only use their own products but also live and breathe the lifestyle they preach! You've got one body so treat it right and enjoy life. Performing like a lean, mean, green machine!

There are no banned substances, sugars, fats, carbs, gluten, cholesterol, lactose & excess ingredients.

 And here's another cool thing that they have going. They have developed an APP that teaches you, keeps you motivated and holds you accountable. It includes features such as:

  What Is Your Fuel Level? QUIZ! You know that unstoppable feeling you get 15 minutes into a workout? The adrenaline rush when you push through, dig deeper, touch the bottom of the ocean floor and reach the top of the mountain? Yeah, that’s your Fuel Level! Take the quiz to discover your Fuel Level!
 7 Untouchable FrogFuel Workouts! – Use these 7 amazing workouts to help you get mean & lean for the summer!
 FrogFuel Fitspiration – Stay motivated and share Fitspiration on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! One Run Closer To Being Sexy As F@#% !!!!!

And as cool as that is, here's even better news. They are allowing me to host a giveaway for all my awesome followers, giving away a Frog Performance Tasting Pack, which includes 3 FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots.
a Rafflecopter giveaway FrogPerformance is providing me with 3 FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots as compensation for my time on this project. 


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