Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I feel like I have a lot to feel fabulous about this week. While my shoulder still hurts a bit, it has not hindered me from working out this week and I have worked out everyday since Monday. I had 2 awesome runs so far this week,and I'm hoping for  planning on another one on Sunday. I have an awesome family, even if they drive me crazy some times, and I have awesome online and IRL friends. It finally has stopped raining here, and I think we might go camping tomorrow.

So, yes, this week I feel freakin' fabulous!!! How about you???

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

It's been a tough 2 weeks for me. Last week I injured my shoulder somehow, and it throbbed, so I didn't want to jar it anymore than I already was and didn't work out all week. I was hurting, in a foul mood, and just wanted to curl up in bed. But because I'm a mom and a wife and work full time, I can't just stop, I have to keep going, and that was what I did, but it would've have been much more pleasant if I had let off some endorphins. So this is should've been my mantra last week, and I am going to use it when I'm feeling stressed.

Summer Virtual Run

Toni over at Running, Loving, Living decided to host an awesome Summer Virtual Run. I was so excited to enter, that I signed up to do both the 5k and the 10k. I thought, hey it fits into my training plan, and I have a full week to do both, so what the heck. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love virtual runs/races.

My excitement was short lived though when the weekend before the virtual run I hurt my shoulder. Now for those of you naysayers that say well it's your shoulder not your leg, you can still run, this pain was a throbbing pain that went from my shoulder all the way down my arm, and it hurt all the time. I was afraid of jarring it and making it hurt even more. Head hanging low, I emailed Toni Sunday night to let her know that I wasn't able to complete the run in time. She emailed me right back to let me know that I had until Wednesday to get my time in, so if I could complete it before then I was good to go. Well I knew the 10k was still out, but I had a 3 mile speedwork run scheduled for Tuesday - perfect.

Me before the run :)
Since I'm not a great morning person, and had plans after work, lunch run on the treadmill it was. I just started speedwork a month ago, so I'm still getting the hang of it. Let me tell you, this was my best run ever!!! First I warmed up with a 1 min walk and a 4 min slow run. Next came my intervals - 3 mins running and 1 min walking. I pushed harder and faster than I ever had before and it felt AWESOME!!!! 3.1 miles in 26:48!!!!!! I guess the week off did me good :)

Thanks again, Toni for hosting this awesome run. All my readers, make sure you go over and say hi. Tell her I sent you! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mamavation Monday - Week 10 of my marathon training

This week was not a success. I hurt my shoulder last weekend when camping, and by Sunday night it was throbbing. I decided to try Power Yoga on Monday and I think that may have been a mistake because it still isn't feeling that great. :( I did not run at all with the fear that the jarring of my shoulder would be impossible to stand. :( I was however able to bowl - weird, huh? We went bowling Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday this past week. At least I did some thing.

Here is what my training should've looked like -

Monday - XT
Tuesday - 3-4 miles speedwork
Wednesday - XT
Thursday - 3-5 miles easy run
Friday - XT
Sat - Rest
Sun - 17 mile long run

Here's what it did look like -

Monday - Power Yoga and bowling
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - bowling
Thursday - nothing
Friday - bowling
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - bowling

Kind of depressing, but I'll get there. I think I will redo this week on my schedule since I still have quite a while until my marathon and I can tweak my training plan. I've learned that I need to stay flexible when it comes to training, because you never know when a curve ball is going to be thrown your way.

How do you respond to curves that are thrown at you? 

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabulous Friday

It's been a tough week since I'm still battling the shoulder injury and I haven't done anything since Monday. So the only thing I really had, which is definitely an awesome thing, is that both my kids did awesome on their FCATS this year. I am so proud at how hard they worked this year. '

Then I got a message from Meg at A Dash of Meg to check out her High Five Friday post today. She had featured me in it!!! That is such an awesome feeling when someone else recognizes something that you have done. She definitely made it Fabulous Friday for me. Thanks, Meg!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

I need some inspiration today. I'm battling a shoulder injury (not sure what I did to it) that really smarts :( I even sidelined my run yesterday because I was afraid it would jar it too much. I was on heat all night, and it feels a bit better today, so I'm thinking some yoga today and back to my run tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!

Ok, so I'm not going to stress anymore about what I haven't done. I am going to concentrate on what I plan on doing and get it done!!!

Who's joining me?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mamavation Mondays - Week 9 of marathon training

This week was pretty uneventful and status quo, pretty much similar to last week. I worked out about the same amount as last week. I missed working out on Wednesday again, and my Thursday workout was just bowling - but I did bike on Saturday. Also, my long run ended up shortened by a rain storm, since we were camping and I didn't have access to a treadmill. I tried a new yoga video last week called power yoga. When I did it, I didn't really feel like I was getting a workout, but man, the next day I was super sore. I also meditated twice last week, and once was on the beach - so peaceful. So here's the wrap up from last week -

Monday - Power Yoga
Tuesday - 3 miles of speedwork and 320 yds of swimming
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - bowling
Friday - 3 miles easy run
Saturday - 2.17 mile bike ride at the campground
Sunday - 5.65 mile run (2 1/2 miles on the beach)

Next week's goals are pretty similar as last week's - 

1. More consistency with cross training
2. Continue my marathon training
3. Continue to avoid eating poorly
4. Meditate at least 4 times this week

How is everyone else coming with their goals? 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous Friday

It took me a while to get up the motivation to write this today because I wasn't really sure what I felt fabulous about. I skipped 2 workout days, I haven't been sleeping well, my hubby has been driving me nuts, my oldest son has been an extreme pain, and my week was filled with doctor's appts. So at lunch time, I got off my soap box and went for a 3 mile run, and do I feel so much better.  While I was running I thought about what was bugging me - I have no right to even think of complaining. I have a pretty fabulous life. I have 2 kids that most of the time are pretty darn great, a pretty awesome, supportive husband  95% of the time, I have a good job, and I have the ability to run or workout whenever I want. My parents and in laws are wonderful and supportive and my family is healthy. My problems are minuscule compared to most.

So what do I find fabulous this Friday? My life!!! What do you find fabulous this Friday? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

So as I came home from the doctor for my youngest son, I realized, Oh Crap - today's Wednesday. So here is my post better late than never :)

Ok, so this is my mantra this week. I am not going to let my bull get in the way of me getting my sweat on. I will not allow my mind to tell my body it can't or there isn't enough time. I will work myself to my full potential. Ok, there I've said it - now I've got prove it!!!

How about you? Will you let your mind get in the way?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warm FX by Body Glide Review

The wonderful folks at Body Glide decided to let me try out their Warm FX Ultra Relief Anti-pain Balm and give my readers an honest review. Being that I'm not one that uses a lot of muscle relief cream, I decided I would also let my hubby try it, since he frequently uses them for his back.

Man of many words, my hubby said it worked well, but wasn't too much different from Icy Hot and Biofreeze, except not as messy and easier to apply - matter of fact, he can apply it himself most of the time. Which for me is a major plus.

Now onto my personal opinion. One of the main reasons, I don't use any kind of muscle cream is that it's a pain in the butt to put on yourself. Warm FX fixes that (except for the extremely hard to reach regions). Basically it's like putting deodorant on. Anywhere that you can slightly touch, you can put this on. I used it Sunday evening after my long run on my calves and thighs, and had no aches afterwards. I, again, tried it today because I was suffering from some unanticipated muscle soreness from my power yoga session yesterday. I was able to put it on my upper back/shoulder region with ease. Once on, it started providing a nice heat and healing feeling. Oh, and another plus, it didn't feel greasy like the feeling I get from Icy Hot. It soaked in very nicely, and I was able to get dressed immediately after applying.

So, I guess you can say that I give Warm FX an A! And, I can't wait to continue to use it after my tough workouts. Maybe, now I'll be able to walk the day after!!

*Products were supplied for review by Body Glide.  I was in no way paid for my review.  This review is completely my opinion, alone. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mamavation Monday - Week 8 of My Marathon Training

This will be my first Mamavation Monday post, so I've perused other blogger's posts to get an idea of what to write, and it seems like it's kind of a check in to see how we are doing with our goals. Last week wasn't as fantastic as the week before, but it wasn't too bad. I had a week of sleepless nights, I think I slept one full night all last week :( My workouts definitely suffered because of that. I did make sure to get all my runs in, and I'm really glad about that. 

Here is my wrap up of my week - 

Monday - bowling with the family
Tuesday - nothing - Ry's 8th grade graduation that took 3 hours and I had to work through lunch, and then Hunter had an awards ceremony in the evening.
Wednesday - did a 3 mile easy run 
Thursday - 3 miles of speedwork
Friday - bowling with the family
Saturday - rest day 
Sunday - 15 mile run (Longest run ever!!!)

So I am making this my motto this week - 

I am going to make every day count!!!

Goals - 
1. be more consistent in my cross training
2. incorporate yoga into my workout
3. Make the best of all my runs

What are you going to do to make every day count this week?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I am going to devote Fridays to either something I think that is fabulous about myself or something that is fabulous going on in my life, and I invite all of you to share what you find fabulous about yourself or your life. Today, I'm going to mention what is fabulous in my life. 

This week my oldest son graduated middle school with a Presidential Scholar Award, which means he has had a 3.5 GPA throughout the entire time he was in middle school. He did all this while he took extra classes in virtual school at night. To me that's pretty impressive. 

My youngest son finished fourth grade with all A's and B's. He brought his grade up from having all B's in the beginning of the year to having all A's last quarter, and only one B this quarter, and that was an 89. He has worked extremely hard all year to be able to read at grade level, and now he's actually reading above grade level. The awards he received this year are A/B Honor Roll all year, Superintendent's Reading Challenge Award, Accelerated Reader Certificate and Medal, Smile Math Award and Excellent Citizenship He also received Honorable Mention for the Eustis history essay contest, in which he did a report on the history of the Eustis Fire Department. I'm extremely impressed with how much he has progressed.

I am so proud of both my sons. Though they both can be a challenge at times, they have worked hard to do well in school, and have set high goals for themselves. I know that through their dedication and determination they will continue to do well throughout the rest of their schooling years. 

So what do you find fabulous about yourself or what is fabulous that is going on in your life?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

"Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it's hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. Also, there are those hours of clearheadedness that follow a long run." 
-Monte Davis

I needed this one today. I'm tired and crabby, and I'm on the verge of taking it out on my family which I don't want to do. It's been an extremely busy week so far, and my youngest has been up every night with bad dreams, so I haven't been able to get a run in. Realizing that a run might be the best medicine for me, and seeing it's National Running Day. I've decided that I am going to run at lunch time, and I can't wait!!!! It probably won't be long enough to completely clear my head, but it's a start. 

How about you? Getting any miles in today?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where does the time go?

Today, I went to my oldest son's 8th grade graduation. I was very proud of myself, and even though I felt the tears welling up a few times, I never did cry.

Ryan has had a pretty awesome 8 years in public school so far. Yes, I did say 8 not 9 - he did his 6th grade online between the end of 4th grade and the beginning of what should've been his 6th grade, but ended up being his 7th grade.

He started out in regular public school, but was given a gifted test at the end of first grade and was accepted into the gifted program part time in 2nd grade, but then full time from there after. He has had some really awesome teachers that have molded and guided him into the student he is today. As I said earlier, he began doing virtual school at then end of 4th grade as a way to keep him busy during the summer. He did so well and loved it so much, we continued throughout 5th, and by the time he was to enter into 6th grade, he had completed all the requirements for 6th grade except two classes - keyboarding, and the 6th grade social studies class. Because different counties do social studies differently, Ryan had completed 7th grade social studies. We chose to complete that online and allow him to enter 7th grade. I originally thought that it might be the end of virtual school, but Ryan decided he wanted to continue taking a few online classes a year, which gave him more elective options, and allowed for more enjoyment in school. This past year he was in 2 band classes, jazz and advanced, culinary, PE and was a teacher's assistant in the library. Sometimes it takes a little prodding to get him to complete his work, but for the most part I am truly amazed at his dedication for his studies and his profound interest in his goals and his future. 

So as he enters 9th grade next year, I hope and pray that he stays on the same tract that he has been on for the last 8 years. He is full of such hope and promise, that I know he can and will succeed in high school. 

Ryan, I am so proud of you!!!! You will rock high school!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 7 Marathon Training

This week was definitely headed on the right track. I only had one day where I didn't follow my training schedule, Wednesday - I only bowled. For some reason, I am always extremely tired on Wednesdays. I did do some XT on Saturday, so technically I just changed my rest day :). So here's what I did last week -

Monday - 30 Day Shred, Level 2, quick stretch yoga
Tuesday - 3 mile run - speedwork (LOVE IT!!!)
Wednesday - bowled
Thursday - 3 mile easy run (no walking, Woot Woot!!!)
Friday - 30 Day Shred, Level 2
Saturday - 1.5 mile walk, 1.5 mile bike ride, basketball, Siesta for the spine yoga
Sunday - 14.03 mile long run

So, yes, I think I freakin' rock this week!!! I've definitely got my mojo back, let's hope it stays for a while!

How did your training go last week?

Friday, June 1, 2012

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