Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warm FX by Body Glide Review

The wonderful folks at Body Glide decided to let me try out their Warm FX Ultra Relief Anti-pain Balm and give my readers an honest review. Being that I'm not one that uses a lot of muscle relief cream, I decided I would also let my hubby try it, since he frequently uses them for his back.

Man of many words, my hubby said it worked well, but wasn't too much different from Icy Hot and Biofreeze, except not as messy and easier to apply - matter of fact, he can apply it himself most of the time. Which for me is a major plus.

Now onto my personal opinion. One of the main reasons, I don't use any kind of muscle cream is that it's a pain in the butt to put on yourself. Warm FX fixes that (except for the extremely hard to reach regions). Basically it's like putting deodorant on. Anywhere that you can slightly touch, you can put this on. I used it Sunday evening after my long run on my calves and thighs, and had no aches afterwards. I, again, tried it today because I was suffering from some unanticipated muscle soreness from my power yoga session yesterday. I was able to put it on my upper back/shoulder region with ease. Once on, it started providing a nice heat and healing feeling. Oh, and another plus, it didn't feel greasy like the feeling I get from Icy Hot. It soaked in very nicely, and I was able to get dressed immediately after applying.

So, I guess you can say that I give Warm FX an A! And, I can't wait to continue to use it after my tough workouts. Maybe, now I'll be able to walk the day after!!

*Products were supplied for review by Body Glide.  I was in no way paid for my review.  This review is completely my opinion, alone. 

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