Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I am going to devote Fridays to either something I think that is fabulous about myself or something that is fabulous going on in my life, and I invite all of you to share what you find fabulous about yourself or your life. Today, I'm going to mention what is fabulous in my life. 

This week my oldest son graduated middle school with a Presidential Scholar Award, which means he has had a 3.5 GPA throughout the entire time he was in middle school. He did all this while he took extra classes in virtual school at night. To me that's pretty impressive. 

My youngest son finished fourth grade with all A's and B's. He brought his grade up from having all B's in the beginning of the year to having all A's last quarter, and only one B this quarter, and that was an 89. He has worked extremely hard all year to be able to read at grade level, and now he's actually reading above grade level. The awards he received this year are A/B Honor Roll all year, Superintendent's Reading Challenge Award, Accelerated Reader Certificate and Medal, Smile Math Award and Excellent Citizenship He also received Honorable Mention for the Eustis history essay contest, in which he did a report on the history of the Eustis Fire Department. I'm extremely impressed with how much he has progressed.

I am so proud of both my sons. Though they both can be a challenge at times, they have worked hard to do well in school, and have set high goals for themselves. I know that through their dedication and determination they will continue to do well throughout the rest of their schooling years. 

So what do you find fabulous about yourself or what is fabulous that is going on in your life?