Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 6 Marathon Training

The week started and ended strong, but the middle was extremely weak. I started off on Monday with some cross training, did some yoga on Thursday, and finished off with an awesome 12 mile run and some laps in the pool. Hopefully that run is exactly what I need to get out of my training funk. Below is my week - 

Monday - 30 Day Shred Level 2
Tuesday - nothing :( Hunter's last soccer game of the season
Wednesday - bowling :)
Thursday - yoga didn't run because I had Ryan's band banquet
Friday - nothing :(
Saturday - rest day 
Sunday - 240 yds swimming, and 12 mile run on the treadmill :)

I am so excited that pool season is back. I love to get in the pool and swim. I'm not the  best swimmer, but it's a great way to exercise while still staying cool in sunny, hot Florida. During the summer, I spend at least a little time in the pool every day either doing some laps or playing with the boys. 

My run was AWESOME!!!! I felt so strong, and I concentrated  on my breathing and form. Boredom was cured by watching Lifetime Movie Network (a channel I don't get to watch when hubby is around). 

I'm back!!!!!!!

How did everyone's training go last week?


  1. 12 mile run on the treadmill? Very impressive! Allan and I are wanting a pool so bad right now. It's been so hot here!

    1. For the longest time, I only trained on the treadmill - I didn't feel comfortable running on my own outside, but now I love running outside LOL.