Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speed Work

I've always been okay with how fast I run, and I still am, but I started feeling like maybe I could do more, go a little faster. Shouldn't we always change up our training just a bit to keep it exciting and challenging? I really didn't go into this with too much of a plan. I thought I'd try a speed and then see how I felt after a minute or two and then walk, and I wasn't even sure how far I was going to run. I guess you could say I really had no expectations on this run, I just wanted to try speed work. Here's how it went - 

1 min walk
5 mins at 10 min/mile
then I started a routine of 2 mins run/1 min walk
first round was at approximately 9 min/mile
second round was at approximately 8:30 min/mile
the next 5 rounds I did around an 8 min/mile
finished off with 3 mins at a 10 min/mile

3 miles in 29:54

I was always afraid of doing speed work, now I'm wondering, why didn't I do that before???? It was fun and challenging and I can't wait until the next time. Speedwork will definitely be incorporated weekly into my training plan. Here's my plan - 

Mon - XT
Tues - speedwork
Wed - XT
Thurs - easy run
Fri - XT
Sat - rest
Sun - long run

I also would love to add yoga in there - maybe Tues and Thursday mornings. 

What do you all think about speedwork? And how do you incorporate it into your training? Any success stories because of it?


  1. Nice job! I'm getting ready to work on speed work this summer.

    1. Good luck with it! It's challenging and a lot of fun!