Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 5 Marathon Training

Week 5 complete and as my 13 year old son would say - epic fail!!

Monday - nada
Tuesday - nada
Wednesday - 21 mins of yoga (Woot woot)
Thursday - nada
Friday - nada
Saturday - 1 hour of fun with Hunter (basketball, football, kickball, dodgeball)
Sunday - zoo and 20 mins of basketball with Hunter

I did almost nothing all week, and I don't have any excuse for it. Yes, I was still a little tired recovering from my cold, but not enough to make me not work out. I was just plain lazy, and I need to change my attitude quick or I will never complete a marathon. Marathon runners cannot be lazy, they have to be dedicated because it's not easy to run a marathon, matter of fact from what I heard it's pretty darn hard. I need to get out of my funk and get my sweat on!!!!!

Are any of you in a training funk? What are you going to do to get out of it?

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