Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hoping for some insight

I'll let you know in advance that this is a non-running related post, so you can stop reading if you wish, but it is one of the reasons I NEED to run!! I have posted before that my youngest son has been diagnosed with ADHD and a social anxiety disorder, and I'm not so sure there isn't some other underlying issues going on with him. It took me the longest time to bring him to a psychiatrist and have him diagnosed, but I wasn't, and still am not totally, keen on medicating him. I know he needs help, and the medications seem to help a bit, but it seems like he seems to become almost immune to the strengths after only a few months, and then we are dealing with some of the same issues all over again. One medicine that seems to be working very well is the Intuniv for his focusing issues. His grades have gone up a full letter grade, and his teacher is happy with how he stays on task. But as for the medicine to help his outbursts, it seems we are always having to reevaluate, up the strength or change all together. Two weeks ago, we started having issues again. They start out with just one outburst, then a couple, then everyday. These are intense sessions of kicking, screaming, hitting, etc that last upwards to 2 and 3 hours. We upped one medication that seemed to only make it more intense, so I completely took him off of it. His doctor keeps assuring me that his behavior is typical of children with ADHD, but I'm sorry, it's wearing me out, and eventually going to be my demise. 

So, I'm looking for a new route, a new, permanent solution. It was mentioned to me that children who have been diagnosed with ADHD possibly could have a vitamin deficiency, so I'm going to his pediatrician to try and get a referral to see a specialist, and see if she has any other suggestions. I'm open to ideas, to try something new, just to have him happy, to have our lives back to some sort of normalcy. So I'm opening it up to the blogger world, do any of you have any experience with this, any advice or ideas? 

On the happy front, he was voted Kiwanis' Terrific Kid of the Month this month, and he's talking about joining the safety patrol next year. I am definitely a proud mama.

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