Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 4 Marathon Training - major fail

The last few weeks have been great. I have been consistent, and felt pretty darn good. Then Bam -  my son gives me a cold - ugh!!! I started feeling it a little bit on Friday, but if I'm only a little sick I like to sweat it out, so Sunday I continued with my long run of 6 miles. By Monday, I was miserable. So miserable, I even stayed home from work. Back to work by Tuesday, but I still felt crappy and tired. Oh so tired!!! I slowly started feeling a bit better, so I could at least function, but I am still so tired. My workouts all week have suffered because of it. 

Monday - zippo, sick in bed
Tuesday - nada
Wednesday - bowling
Thursday - zero
Friday - nothing scheduled, but did do a 2.79 mile slow walk with my son's class on a field trip 
Saturday - 5 mile bike ride at the campground
Sunday - 11 mile run - AWESOME!!!!  Longest run since my 1/2 in March. 

We decided to do an overnight camping trip. I guess this was my Mother's Day gift :) I'm not complaining though, I'm beginning to really enjoy camping - if I could just get used to sleeping on the hard ground. We sent the boys out to explore on their bikes as soon as we got there, so we could set up in peace. Once that was done, hubby and I set off exploring on our own, which led to a 5 mile bike ride. The campground is right on the Tomoka River, and is absolutely beautiful. After we relaxed a bit at the campsite, we decided to take a boat ride. Now anyone who knows me, knows this is a feat in itself. I cannot stand small boats, and here I am getting into a little 12' rubber raft with a trolling motor. I have to say, I did enjoy myself. It was so peaceful - very little boats, and lots of birds and scenery to enjoy. 

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and enjoying the company of my friend with a campfire. 

The next morning, was the highlight of my trip. A scheduled 11 mile run that was I was just lucky to be able to do here. The run was a part trail, mostly dirt run throughout the campground. It was wonderful, so peaceful.  I set out around 7:15 so it was still quiet, and I was even able to spot a few deer. 

There were about 5 of them, but this was the only one that was in view of my camera.

I stopped quite a few times to take in the sights, and just enjoy the beautifulness of the area. If I could do my run here every week, I would be in heaven. 

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