Monday, November 26, 2012

Mamavation Monday

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving last week, I know I did. I kind of slacked a little bit with the workouts, but I didn't want to chance my knee. I've also started my taper for my marathon, so I've decided to keep my XT workouts on the mild side, too. I don't want to risk any injuries, so I'm just basically doing core workouts. When my marathon is done, I will hit Turbo Fire back hard. I can't wait!!!! So here's the recap of the week.

Monday - Les Mills Core, WOW HBBC 2012
Tuesday - Turbo Fire ab ignitor
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Core 20, bowling
Thursday - 5k Virtual Turkey Trot
Friday - bowling
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 16 miles

So not too bad, but it wasn't very intense workouts. I'm also starting a 3 day cleanse today. Let's hope I don't starve :) Here's my goal for the week:

Monday - Turbo Fire Core 20 (Cleanse Day 1)
Tuesday - 3 mile easy run, Les Mills Core (Cleanse Day 2)
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Core 20 (Cleanse Day 3), bowling
Thursday - 3 mile easy run, Turbo Fire ab ignitor
Friday - Turbo Fire Core 20
Saturday/Sunday - rest one day/ 12 mile run the other


  1. You do such a great job of staying active. I love it!

    1. Thanks, Lydia.... and I think I'm slacking LOL :)

  2. Great job! I am striving to be this consistent in my work outs.

    1. It is definitely not easy... but once it becomes a habit, it's not so bad. Especially if you have a workout you really enjoy :)