Monday, November 5, 2012

Mamavation Monday

So, I slacked a little last week, but I still got in 4 good workouts, so I'm happy about that. My eating, I've decided I have got to work on, so back to myfitnesspal I go :) I don't usually make really bad choices, I just don't do well on portion control. So here's the recap of my week -

Monday - Turbo Fire HIIT 15 and Tone 30
Tuesday - 3 mile run, bowling
Wednesday - 2 mile walk, bowling
Thursday - 1.5 mile walk
Friday - nothing
Saturday - rest day, bowling
Sunday - 12.8 mile run

On the schedule for this week -

Monday - Turbo Fire 45EZ
Tuesday - 3 mile run
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Core 20, stretch 40
Thursday - 3 mile run
Friday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20, stretch 10
Sat or Sun - 21 mile run, the other day will be a rest day

Goals - keep working on my water intake, drinking shakeology every day for breakfast, and watching my portion control.

On a side note, we are hosting a virtual run/walk to benefit the girl who died last week, Amy's family. She left behind a small daughter and a husband. So I would love if you would think about participating, and please share this link with your friends. Just go to this site, Amy's Awareness Run - it has all the details. Thanks!!!!


  1. I am really sorry to read about Amy and what happened to her during her run.

    1. Thanks, Kia!! It was very heartbreaking :(