Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mamavation Monday - Week 11 Marathon Training

Monday came and went way too quick yesterday, so again this is a day late. I started turbo fire last week as my XT program and I love it. It's a HIIT program and it definitely challenges me. My training week went pretty well, I only missed my long run on Sunday because we went to Busch Gardens to celebrate my youngest son's birthday. I figure the amount of walking I did between Saturday and Sunday definitely was exercise :) I also have been walking every day to pick up my son from band camp. Here's my wrap up of the week -

Monday - BB Fit test, bicycle crunches, 1 mile walk
Tuesday - 3 miles hill work, 1 mile walk
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Greatest HIITS, TF Ab Ignitor, 1 mile walk
Thursday - 3 mile run, 1 mile walk
Friday - TF Firestarter, TF stretch 10, TF ab ignitor, 1 mile walk
Saturday - walking
Sunday - walking

My goals this week are to keep up with this consistency, and make sure I get my long run in :)

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  1. those are great workout plans you are doing fantastic. have an awesome week


  2. My best friend does Turbo Fire and she lost 30 lbs and really toned up using that program. Hope you are enjoying the program!