Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of Fall Virtual 5k

I have finally done it - I decided to run my first marathon, but I wanted it to have a little more meaning than just running a marathon (I know "just running a marathon"). Anyways, I decided that I would fundraise for Operation Jack, a group that helps raise money for autism. Here's a little information about them - Operation Jack

That said, we all know one of the best ways to raise money is to host a virtual 5K. We know we all love running, bling and prizes. Well I have all of that. I am working on an awesome medal to give to all who participate, and I'm working on getting some great prizes to give out. The cost is going to be $20 for those who want a medal, and $15 for those who don't.

So, who's in????

First step:

Go to my paypal account and make your donation

Second step:

Fill out the registration form

First Day of Fall Virtual 5k

Easy enough, right? But if you have any questions at all, please let me know email me


  1. If we get a medal are we not eligible for prizes? I wasn't sure based on how the form was worded.

    1. I just saw this Suz, I'm sorry. You are eligible for prizes no matter what. You can just opt out of getting a medal and pay less :)