Friday, July 22, 2011

Life gets in the way or maybe its just me that gets in my way

This has been quite a challenging week for me. My youngest has not behaved well all week, except this evening when he helped me clean the house some. I have been exhausted, think I am fighting off a summer cold or something. I've been trying to destress after a very hard summer course that I didn't do well in, and that just ticks me off. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to school - I want straight A's, so I get annoyed if I get a B, and a C is just unacceptable. Well a C is what I got in this course, and I am still beating myself up for it. Ugh, time to get over it and move on. Then today, I burn myself with my hair straightener, then my car won't start - Really?? Ugh. So hubby to the rescue and he gets me a new battery, but now my brake lights just come on intermittently, so I need to take it to be serviced tomorrow morning. Ugh, deja vu - I just spent my last Saturday morning getting my car serviced because the check engine light was on and guess what it was a brake control switch - anyone see the correlation there? So now another wasted morning, waiting on them to fix my car - ugh.

Tomorrow I was going to attempt to run at least 4 miles, which is longer than any run I have done since my 1/2 marathon, but I need to be at the dealership at 8. That means I would actually have to get up about 5:30 to achieve it. I am not a morning person, so that is going to be quite a feat. It's so easy for me to hit the snooze, or change the time on my alarm and go back to sleep. Then I am discouraged with myself because there goes another missed opportunity to get a good run in. I know, I know, you all are telling me to stop beating myself up about it, but I also can't let myself keep making excuses for why I didn't get up to run or exercise. I do well for a few days, sometimes even a week or two, but then I'm back to the same old lame excuses - I'm too tired, didn't sleep well last night, don't feel good, etc., etc. I started this week out great, but then Thurs, and Friday I gave in. I did redeem myself Thursday by swimming/playing with the boys in the pool, but nothing today. I guess I could consider it a rest day, but I need to make sure its not a rest weekend!!

So I am pledging to get a run in tomorrow, come H**l or high water. And if I don't I give you all permission to scream, yell, beat me up about it! Maybe putting it out here, and making myself accountable will   force me to give up my excuses and actually do it. I know I need a run with how stressful my week has been, and I know I will feel so much better when I do it, so why don't I? Pure laziness is the only thing I can come up with. With that all said, my brain needs to force my body to do it!!!

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  1. Well as most Runnin' Momma's in the group we all expect a ton out of our selves, and we are there to tell each other that we need to chill out... so PAM "TAKE A CHILL PILL DUDE" :)... you are only human and just remember to breathe and everything will take care of its self :) :)

    Have you looked into ways to get ur body to be on the same page as your brain? I know for me that when I take a rest day, my body is ready to go for a few days [hence why my rest days are Monday's and Thursday']

    And you get ur run in, and I'll get my XTing in :)... my long run which is 5miles, is on Sunday.