Monday, May 5, 2014

Mamavation Monday - guess who's going to be on Mamavation TV tonight?

Well since I slacked last week (not with my exercise) and didn't give you a recap, I'm going to recap the last 2 weeks for you!!

Monday 4/21- Torch Run (2.36 miles up hill)
Tuesday 4/22 - 6 mile run
Wednesday 4/23 - nothing, Admin Professionals Day
Thursday 4/24 - circuit training, 3.25 mile run
Friday 4/25 - nothing
Saturday 4/26 - football with the kiddos
Sunday 4/27 - rest, boys had a bowling tournament

Monday 4/28 - circuit training, 16 mins elliptical
Tuesday 4/29 - run got rained out :(
Wednesday 4/30 - bowling
Thursday  5/1 - virtual 5k, abs
Friday 5/2 - circuit training, 15 min elliptical
Saturday 5/3 - 1 hr basketball
Sunday 5/4 - 30 mins basketball, bowling

Today, Mamavation starts their #2weekchallenge, and I'm really excited to add that to my training to give me the boost I need. If your'e interested in joining me, sign up here.  Another exciting event...... drumroll please..... I will be on Mamavation TV tonight, chatting about how we can stay motivated, and consistent. I would love if you all came on to support me. I'm a bit nervous LOL :D Here's the link where you can watch and chat with us.


  1. You are going to be awesome!!

  2. You rock so hard that you kinda scare me lol
    But seriously, you inspire me by how you keep going. I appreciate your honesty about goals, and pushing to get there.

    1. Thanks, Jeanae. I slacked a bit a few weeks ago, now I'm paying for it and making myself work harder! :) Now if I could get my eating to stay on track ;)

  3. Good luck for the challenge, i hoped to make the hangout tonight but got caught up with other things.

  4. Sarah, you need to watch the replay, it was totally hilarious :)