Monday, May 12, 2014

Mamavation Monday weekly recap :)

Happy Monday!! Last week was an awesome week.... the scale finally started moving and I lost 1.6 lbs. I'm so excited, and hope that this downward trend continues. I can't help but think adding the #2weekchallenge in helped with that. Who else is doing the challenge with me? Are you loving it??

Ok, so here's my weekly recap -

Monday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, 15 mins bike
Tuesday - #2weekchallenge, 3.5 mile run
Wednesday - #2weekchallenge (30 min walk), bowling
Thursday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, 5 min elliptical, 2.76 mile run
Friday - #2weekchallenge
Saturday - #2weekchallenge (30 mins basketball), 2 hr walk
Sunday - rest day for challenge, 30 min basketball, bowling

I worked really hard with my portion control and water intake, and I think I did really well with that. I need to stay on track there. Here's my plan for this week -

Monday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, 15 mins elliptical or bike
Tuesday - #2weekchallenge, run
Wednesday - #2weekchallenge
Thursday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, run
Friday - #2weekchallenge
Saturday/Sunday - #2weekchallenge which is a virtual 5K

I'm really excited about Mamavation TV tonight as we will be discussing on how to use essential oils to clean. I'm trying to change over all my cleaning supplies to natural cleaners rather than harsh chemicals so this will be really interesting to me. Come check it out tonight here.  It starts at 9pm EST.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog... Woohoo! way to go on the weight loss, I gained :p But I think my weigh in weight was a fluke cus I had been sick. Ready for this new week, good luck!

    1. Thanks!!! I've heard a lot of people mention a weight gain this week. Maybe it's muscle gain from the amount of strength training we've been doing with the #2weekchallenge :D

  2. Portion control... sigh... I had to kick my own butt recently. I allowed the uber busy schedule dictate the times, and stress influence the amounts that I ate. Brilliant, right? I am being intentional about meals and fitness routines this week.

    Great work!


    1. Great plan, Jeanae... you will rock it!!

  3. Great job! You are always a great inspiration. I will be coming back for more updates. And I am loving the #2weekchallenge as well

    1. Thank you Monica... that means a lot to me!