Monday, April 21, 2014

Mamavation Monday

Happy Monday all, it's been a busy day for me as I've been at the Special Olympics Torch Run for most of the day. So much fun, but that's for another post. :) Last week I did the 7 day slimdown challenge and did pretty well. I only lost like a 1/2 lb, but the clean eating felt amazing. I did pretty well on the exercise route too. Here's my recap -

Monday - 30 min circuit training, 1 mile elliptical, 30 mins basketball
Tuesday - 3.1 run
Wednesday - 1 hr basketball
Thursday - circuit training, 2.20 mile run
Friday - nada
Saturday - 30 mins football
Sunday - rest

I could've done a little better, but I'm happy with it. Here's my plans for this week -

Monday - Torch Run
Tuesday - circuit training
Wednesday - core work
Thursday - circuit training/run
Friday - core work
Sat/Sun - run/rest

Tonight we're discussing Quick, easy & healthy recipes on Mamavation TV. You definitely want to check it out. We start at 9 pm ET right here .


  1. Nice job last week. Congrats on the loss! Have a good week!

  2. Love how you mix in sports to the workout rotation - keep it interesting!

    1. thanks, Liza!! it's fun, but they about kill me LOL

  3. Great job keeping active. I love those challenges to get me going.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth... same here. It keeps me accountable :)