Monday, May 19, 2014

Mamavation Monday - weekly recap

Happy Monday!!! I'm very excited today for 2 reasons. The first, after a long worthwhile wait, I was finally matched with my buddy. What does that mean? Well, he will be my motivator for running, and fitness and I will be doing it for him. It's so exciting!!! If you are interested, you can sign up here. Second, I just finished the #2weekchallenge and I am down 2.5 lbs, and an inch each on my waist, hips and thighs. This was the kickstart I needed and I hope the weight continues to drop :)  Ok, so here's my recap for last week -

Monday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, 15 mins bike
Tuesday - #2weekchallenge, 4 mile run
Wednesday - #2weekchallenge which was a 30 min walk
Thursday - #2weekchallenge, circuit training, 3.26 mile run
Friday - #2weekchallenge
Saturday - 1 hr basketball with my youngest, bowling
Sunday - Mamavation virtual 5k, bowling

I worked really hard on portion control, but I need to change up a little of what I eat :) So my goals for next week are still portion control, and better eating. Here's my exercise plan -

Monday - circuit training, 15 mins bike or elliptical
Tuesday - 3-4 mile run
Wednesday - not sure yet, maybe a DVD program
Thursday - circuit training, run
Friday - another DVD program?
Saturday/Sunday - run/rest

I'm sure there will be some basketball and bowling mixed in there :) In a week or 2, I am going to repeat the #2weekchallenge on my own. I think it's something extra my body needs to do monthly.

Tonight on Mamavation TV, we are discussing strengthening your core, an area I definitely need to work on. :) As always, it's at 9 pm EST on our google hangout. Come check it out with me!!!


  1. GREAT job, Pam!! So happy you got matched with a buddy!! Better eating and portion control are on tap for me this week, too!!

  2. Thanks, Jenny!!! Good luck with your goals this week!

  3. Way to go, Pam!
    It can be so helpful to have someone to cheer us on, hold us accountable, and keep up motivated. I know that you will rock this week (because you always do :> )

  4. Wow, the buddy thing is SO awesome! Good for you, lady! Congrats on the losses. You are so awesome.

  5. Kristin, it is!!! I'm enjoying interacting with him and his mother :) Thanks!!!!