Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mamavation Monday a couple days late ;)

A few days late, but I wanted to give you a recap of my week..... it was a pretty good one exercise wise. I finished up the #2weekchallenge, and ran my 1/2 marathon. Not my best time, but not my worst and I had a great time running with my sister in law :) It's a beautiful, hilly, challenging course. Ok, so here's the recap for the week -

Monday - Day 8 of #2weekchallenge
Tuesday - Day 9 of #2weekchallenge, 3.4 mile run
Wednesday - Day 10 of #2weekchallenge, bowling
Thursday - Day 11 of #2weekchallenge, 3.4 mile run
Friday - Day 12 of #2weekchallenge
Saturday - Day 13 of #2weekchallenge
Sunday - 1/2 marathon

Oh, and if you missed Mamavation TV on Monday night, you must go and watch the recording. Jarrett Arthur gave us great tips on how to stay safe and keep our kids safe during the holidays. You must check it out :D

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  1. Mamavation TV Monday was awesome!! Looks like you had a successful 2 week challenge - awesome job!