Thursday, October 6, 2011

I thought yesterday was bad.

I woke up to very sad news today. A good friend of mine lost his wife to cancer after a very long, hard battle. While in the end, this was the best for her and him, because she had gone downhill over the past month and a half and hospice was in everyday, it still doesn't make it any easier. I ran into him in the grocery store last weekend, and it broke my heart. He was telling me how when hospice came, she tried to be strong and prove that she could still do stuff for herself even though she really couldn't and was relying on him completely. He was telling me how he couldn't do everything for her anymore, it was just too hard, and he was glad hospice was there to help him. He was lucky enough to have enough sick time to spend the last month and a half at home with her, cherishing every last moment he could. They also got to do something on their bucket list while she was still feeling well enough, and spent almost 2 weeks in New York City and Boston. She fought her cancer for almost two years, trying everything possible to survive it.

Their story together was heartening. They both had bad marriages before they met each other, hers resulting in a son. They were sole mates and he took care of her son as if he was his own. They were still so young, supposed to have so many more years together. She was vibrant, loved her job - worked almost up until the day hospice came in. Why does bad stuff have to happen to such good people. You have rapists, murderers, thieves out there, and they live their lives scott free, and then you have good people, who love each other, live to spend every moment together, and they are ripped apart way too soon. It's just not fair. My heart is breaking for my friend. I want to scream why!! But I know there is no answer. I have faith in God, but things like this tend to make me question why God allows this to happen. I just could keep saying over and over, it's just not fair!!!

You all need to grab your loved ones, hug them and tell them how much you love them, because you just don't know when something is going to happen, and they will be taken away from you forever. Do not waste a minute of your life on petty bullshit - don't fight over stupid things. Love your family with all your heart, and live every moment with them to the fullest, because it could be gone in an instant!!!

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