Monday, April 14, 2014

Mamavation Monday

Happy Monday! Well last week was a pretty decent week for me working out wise. I'm still working on my diet, though. This week I'm doing a 7 day slim down challenge based on something Shaun T posted. So far, so good, but we're only 2 meals into day 1 :) Here's my recap -

Monday - 25 minute circuit training, 1.09 miles on elliptical
Tuesday - 3.07 mile run, 2 hr walk at the fair
Wednesday - bowling
Thursday - 25 minute circuit training, 2.25 mile run
Friday - Mash Up Conditioning
Saturday - 1 hr basketball
Sunday - 30 mins of 2 hand touch football

Here's my plans for this week -

Monday - circuit training, elliptical
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - Mash Up Conditioning
Thursday - circuit training, run
Friday - Mash Up Conditioning
Sat/Sun - run/rest

Mixed in the week, is playing sports with my boys and walking the dog. I"m also focusing a lot of my diet and water intake.

Tonight on Mamavation TV, we're going to be focusing on detoxing our cosmetics. I cannot wait to learn more!!!


  1. You GO! I need to get back on the running wagon. I've said this for months now, so really I just need to DO IT. I love your schedule!

  2. I need to get on the workout wagon too. More strength training for me though.

  3. You are always super busy, well done on all the workouts and good luck with the 7 day slim down challenge

    1. Thanks, Sarah Lou. Sometimes I feel like I never sit down :)