Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Think about it

Jeff Galloway posted this as his status this morning on his facebook page, "Your mission should be to weave training sessions and the race itself to produce a series of good memories!"

What a great reminder for us all. We get so wrapped up in the race itself, that we forget to enjoy our training runs, they become just a task to get us to the end.. Of course, not every run is enjoyable. We all have our bad runs, but I like to remind myself that those bad runs are the runs that make my mentally stronger, because I push myself through it. 

But isn't running supposed to be fun? Isn't that why we do it? Because we enjoy it - so why don't we live for the moment and enjoy every run? And then enjoy the race that we've worked towards. 

I found his status to be thought provoking this morning, and a good reminder to me on why I started running. I didn't have a race in mind when I took the first few steps, I wanted to challenge myself and make myself stronger. As I pushed through, I found it was actually fun, and helped me work through my stress. So, on as I start my marathon training next month, I am going to try and focus on Jeff's reminder - I am going to make some great memories on my training runs, too, not just the awesome race at the end.


  1. i feel so lucky that for some reason I have always remained focused on my love of running over any specific pace. I definitely have goals and races where I was disappointed, but the majority of the time I just feel so lucky to do it

  2. That is great advice! It's SO easy to get caught up in the numbers and not enjoy your running. I fall into that trap way too often. Tonight I'll focus on the fun!