Sunday, January 8, 2012


A post that a fellow running mom made got me reflecting on my marriage. I'm surprised how much I think I take it for granted, always expecting that it will be there tomorrow when I wake up. But, after reading some of the comments, I realize that might not always be the case. I need to constantly work at my marriage to make it stronger and allow it to grow.

Adam and I have been together for over 18 years and married for 15. For me, it was love at first sight, and we moved in together only a month after dating. Since that day, we have rarely been apart. We do almost everything together, except run - he does not share my twisted love of it :D. I guess that's why, I just expect him to be there doing everything with me tomorrow and the next day. Don't get me wrong, we have our share of arguments, and let me tell you, we do have some doozies, but in the end, I know he loves me, and I love him, and I always think that's enough. But it really isn't, is it? Yeah, love is the backbone, and without it, there would be no point to our relationship. But, don't we have to put more into it? If all I do is say "I love you" day in and day out, would he really feel like I love him? My guess is no - I need to put more effort into showing him I love him, doing things for him, and being there for him.

So my resolution this year, and my advice for all is to put more into my marriage. More love, more caring, more selflessness, and more me. And hopefully, that will be enough to get us through the next 50.

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