Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am going to toot my own horn tonite. So far, and I plan on running 5 miles tomorrow, I have run 95 miles this month. To me that is amazing, I feel like I can now really call myself a runner. I finally feel like I have earned it. I know, as long as you run, you're a runner - I tell my fellow running mama's that all the time, but before this month, I really questioned my ability to run. Even training for my 1/2 last year, I never ran more than 30-40 miles a month, and even that amount was a rarity. I am in awe of people who run 100 mile runs, it's truly amazing and they are awesome.

I'm also going to brag about my oldest son. He PR'd at his cross country meet on Wednesday. He's in JV, and he came in first of our JV team, and 78th out of all the JV's running. He ran 2 miles in 18:52. He actually beat out 2 of the varsity runners on his team. He's hoping since his run was really good that he might be bumped to varsity for the next meet. On this runner's high, he has committed to run a 10K in December and  a 1/2 in March. I'm really excited to share these experiences with him.

My youngest son ran a 5k last summer and came in first in his age group, and is planning on running a 5k again in October. I know he's going to want to run the 10k, but I just am not comfortable with him running that kind of mileage at his age. Does anyone have any information about children running long runs? I definitely don't want him running that many miles if it will be detrimental to him.

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