Monday, June 10, 2013

Mamavation Monday

It's Monday again..... I wish it was Friday. :) Just kind of feeling blah lately (think I'm PMS'ing :(). But I did push myself through my workouts last week, begrudgingly.... anyone ever have those kind of weeks? Ok, well here's my wrap up

Monday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 25, 30 min walk, bowling
Tuesday - Turbo Fire Tone 30, bowling
Wednesday - Turbo Fire HIIT 15, 5k run, 30 min walk
Thursday - Turbo Fire Core 20, boot camp, 30 min walk, bowling
Friday - Turbo Fire Fire 30, 30 min walk
Saturday - bowling
Sunday - Mamavation 5k, bowling

Schedule for my upcoming week -

Monday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20
Tuesday - Turbo Fire Sculpt 30, 30 min walk, 2-3 mile run
Wednesday - Turbo Fire HIIT 20, 30 min walk
Thursday - Turbo Fire Core 20, 30 min walk, 2-3 mile run
Friday - Turbo Fire Fire 30, 30 min walk
Sat/Sun - 4-5 mile run/rest

Oh, and if you're curious why I'm bowling so much.... we signed up for the Kids bowl free with the family pack. For $25, hubby and I can bowl 2 games a day for the entire summer... not too shabby. If you're interested sign up here.

this post is sponsored by Lifesize Portions and Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


  1. We are signed up but the bowling alley is like 45minutes away and we have yet to get out there to bowl... David having a broken leg doesn't help much either... Great job on the workouts!

  2. My son LOVES bowling!! It's literally a 2 minute drive to our bowling alley and we can spend HOURS there!

    HAve a great week!

  3. Way to push through the workouts!

    I am so excited about the kids bowl free outing each week! I appreciate an indoor activity with all of this summer heat ...blah...

    Have a great week!

    1. It's so worth it.... great physical activity, too :)

  4. You are a hardcore! :) Way to go with your workouts! :)
    When I'm PMS'ing I don't get that productive like you. LOL!

  5. What a great fitness week planned! Hope it is working out well for you (as I am finally getting to the posts)