Monday, March 4, 2013

80Bites Review

12 weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to try out a new program, called 80Bites that promotes healthy eating and portion control. This program is an awesome opportunity for those who are new to the journey of living a healthy lifestyle.The program has 2 portions to it. First, they have a website which is where you gain all the knowledge of healthy eating. Second, there is an app for a Iphone or Itouch, which helps you track how many bites you take.

Each week, new information is unlocked on the website which gives awesome tips and tasks, while you you use the app to count the amount of bites you are taking every day which shouldn't go over 80. Every time you click a bite on the app, it provides you with an awesome tip. The program was based on 3 week sections, sending great information every week to learn how to change your eating habits. The first section focused on how much you should eat at each sitting, the second centered on the frequency of your meals, the third was on the quality of the food you eat and the last section was concerned on how to balance all of the information you've learned throughout the program.

I found the information provided throughout the program to be extremely informative, and I think it would be even more beneficial to someone who is just beginning their journey. I have to admit, I didn't really use the app that much. For me it really wasn't a benefit, but I could see it beneficial to someone who needs more accountability. Overall, I found this program to be really good and a pretty good value at $49.95.... so here's the good news for my readers. 80Bites has provided me with a code, BLOG25 to give you 25% off the 12 week program. 

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