Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foamfest 5K - Kissimmee Review

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of doing my first obstacle race, the Foamfest 5K in Kissimmee. First I want to say that I had an awesome time. I went with my BFF and running buddy, Kerri. This is a great race for a beginner runner, and someone who hasn't done or trained for an obstacle race. It's not difficult at all. We got there an hour before the race, which was a really good idea to do because by the time we walked back and forth and registered, the hour was up before we knew it. Registration was pretty smooth, and I saw some pretty interesting people in line.

There were tons of people registering and running the different waves, but I was impressed at how the volunteers kept everything flowing. Kerri and I checked in our bag, and got ready to run.

It seemed like we ran forever before we hit the first obstacle, but the volunteer said it was only a mile. The first obstacle was a set of 5' walls which wasn't too bad.

And then through a foam slip and slide, and on to my least favorite of the obstacles, the cargo net because I hate heights.

We went through a few more foam obstacles, and then onto the 8' wall. Here I was impressed at the amount of people that stopped and offered each other support to get over the wall. 

I have to say my favorite obstacle was the Death Drop slide. I know, I know I just said I hated heights but you couldn't see how high you were until you were already sliding down, and it was so much fun. I mean, I got air going down the slide!!!! I definitely would've loved to have another one of those.

After a couple more easy obstacles, we finished off clean, but really wet! Unfortunately, I totally forgot to get a picture of us after the race. Here's a link to some of the race pictures they took of me www.backprint.com/estf.asp?PID=bp%13%7F%40z&EVENTID=111255&PWD=0&BIB=1749 

In my opinion, there were a few cons to the race: 

1. Not enough obstacles, and not close enough to the start of the race
2. Not enough mud...... on the website it showed a few mud obstacles, and one was just dirt, and the other was a small pond with mud at the bottom. 
3. Medal was a little boring.

That said, I would definitely do this race again. The people were awesome and the goodies were good. We got a great t-shirt, a banana, a granola bar and a full cup of beer at the end of the race.  The venue was pretty, the volunteers were awesome, and it was just plain fun!!

The have tons more locations coming up soon... you need to check this race out!!!

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