Monday, January 14, 2013

Mamavation Monday - hate being sick :(

Unfortunately, I started this week sick and ended the week sick... nothing major but enough to mess up my exercising :( Stupid head cold... I will fight it off though!! Here's my recap -

Monday - Turbo Fire 55 EZ, 30 min walk
Tuesday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 25, 3 miles of speedwork and 30 min walk
Wednesday - Turbo Fire HIIT 15 (forgot to do Sculpt 30), 30 min walk, bowling
Thursday - sick, 30 min walk
Friday - sick,
Saturday - sick,
Sunday - 30 min walk

My goal this week is to pretty much do last week over for my workouts.

Monday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 25, 30 min walk
Tuesday - Turbo Fire HIIT 15, Sculpt 30, 3 mile incline run, 30 min walk
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Fire 45EZ, 30 min walk
Thursday - Turbo Fire Core 20, Stretch 40, 3 mile easy run, 30 min walk
Friday - Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20, Stretch 10, 30 min walk
Sat/Sun - 5 mile run/rest

What do you do to fight off a cold?

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  1. At least you weren't just sitting on your bum despite being sick. Sometimes our bodies just need a break.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I feel like everyone is sick or has been sick this winter.

  3. Hugs and love to you hon. You've been in my thoughts and prayers! I like Kia's garlic lemonade when I'm sick, and I also make dishes that require garlic, but add the fresh minced garlic right before serving it.