Monday, July 9, 2012

Mamavation Monday - Week 12 of marathon training

This should have been week 12 of my training, but I'm not sure I should be saying I'm in that week when I haven't done a long run in over 3 weeks :( And it seems like I always have an excuse for not doing them - basically life has gotten busy, and I am not making time for them. And I'm eating crappy foods, so I have no energy. All life choices that I am making and that need to be changed. Provide results not excuses - that should be my motto!!! So here's my wrap up of the week -

Monday - Pop Pilates, ab challenge day 2, mamavation challenge day 1, bowling
Tuesday - 3 miles speedwork, ab challenge day 3, mamavation challenge day 2
Wednesday - ab challenge day 4 (rest day), mamavation challenge day 3

I know it looks great so far, but here's when it went down the tubes.

Thursday - bowling
Friday - NADA
Saturday - walking, probably all in all over 5 miles, at the races
Sunday - bowling

I missed the three days of the mamavation challenge and 4 days of the ab challenge. I know you'll all say you'll do better this week, but honestly I'm not sure. We are getting ready to leave for a 2 week vacation on Saturday so I know I'm going to be busy this week, but again that's making an excuse. I need to get my butt up before work, so I can make time for my workout. Fingers crossed  I can I must get myself some exercise in this week!!

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  1. I know all about excuses! I'm right there with you but at least you are still being active! Better luck for the two of us with the rest of this week!

    1. True, Judy :) I just get nervous about being prepared for my first marathon - but I still have plenty of time :)

  2. You know what, you don't have to bust your butt 7 days a week to stay fit. Getting in a workout three days a week is great!

  3. Great job on the workouts you did get in, don't sweat the ones you didn't. As for getting early morning workouts, feel free to join me with dark o'clock workouts.

    1. I need to - I didn't get a workout yesterday (except bowling), nor today and I probably won't due to lack of time :(