Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent and Giveaway

Well folks, this is my very first review and giveaway - so I hope I do a good job. I was the lucky recipient chosen to receive a 2 load sample of Stink Free Sports Detergent from 2Toms.

Now, I don't typically have a problem with sweat stains, and stink staying in my workout clothes after the wash - not that I don't stink when I sweat - it's just that my detergent seems to get my clothes clean, so I can't really tell if this got my workout clothes any cleaner and better smelling than my normal detergent. What I did like is the way my clothes felt after washing them. I'm not sure how to explain the feeling, but they just seemed to feel cleaner, with no residue - like the package claims. One thing about the product which could either be a plus or minus, depending on how you feel about fragrance, is that there was no perfumey smells with this detergent. My clothes just smelled clean, not like the rain forest, or a bunch of lilacs. I personally found that a plus - my workout clothes don't need to smell like flowers, they need to be clean.

With only 2 loads, I really can't tell you how well this detergent preserves your clothes - but if any of my readers have any experience I would love to hear about it. My only issue with this detergent is that I'm a busy mom that really doesn't have enough running clothes, nor time to save up to run a full load of running clothes to do with this detergent, and it's a bit more expensive than regular detergent, so I don't want to do all my clothes with it. If you worked out every day, or twice a day, I could definitely see having enough clothes to do a full load of workout clothes and then I feel this detergent would be really beneficial for you.

Ok now, to the giveaway portion. Since this is my first, it's not a huge one, but giveaways are fun anyways, right? I am giving away 1 trial size portion of 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent. It's 2 oz, and enough to do  2 medium size laundry loads. Definitely enough to see if you would like to invest in a full bottle of their detergent.

Now the hard part. HOW TO ENTER:
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Happy entering!!!

Giveaway ends on Saturday, March 17 at 11:59pm.
Products were supplied for review and giveaway by 2Toms.  I was in no way paid for my review.  This review is completely my opinion, alone. 


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