Hailed as the "best yoga mat ever", the Tomuno yoga mat is becoming one of the most popular for unheated yoga. Made from natural rubber, it provides extra cushioning and a non-slip grip which is perfect for those in with wrist or knee problems. 

A little about this great company-  "Tomuno believes that yoga and athletics can play a positive role in every individual’s life, no matter the specific challenges they face. Tomuno exists to help people achieve their personal development goals. Tomuno is, at heart, an athletics technology company. We provide apparel and equipment that combine: the best possible technical fabrics and materials with the most innovative functional design."

Now the good news for my wonderful readers. You can get these awesome mats for $11 off and free shipping. Just go to their site  and put "PAM" in the coupon code. 

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  1. Just to let you know, for a limited time Tomuno is doing a holiday promotion where you can save $15, and get free shipping. Just make sure to put "PAM15" in the coupon code :)